Write an announcement email Edit on github

Mailing list is a common channel to reach out to a big group of audience, especially some tech communities. This article includes some tips that help you with writing a release/announcement email:


Launch/Announce/Release: Project Name and 3-5 word description

Email Content

1st Paragraph: Summary

Explains what is the project and including a link to project website/github.

2nd Paragraph: Description

Provide interesting details to convince people that it’s worth to check out the project e.g. information about the team, special features, impacts etc.

  • If this is the first announcement of a project, you might want to include some instructions of how the project works.
  • If the announcement is for a new version of an existing project that was previously announced on the list, you might want to include a summarized changelog, essentially “What’s new in version x.y:”

3rd Paragraph: Call for action

Ask audience to test, request for help and feedback, etc. Don’t forget to include contact details - how can people reach the project team or get involved.


If your audience are techies, you don’t want to be too formal. You could use salutations like “Cheers” or “Best” and make sure to include your team name or your full name with job title.

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