Dress Code

Dress Code is a style guide and pattern library for building websites rapidly, designed for maintainability and modularity. It was initially conceived as a styleguide for Zalando's Brand Solutions applications.

Component organization is based on atomic design. The style is written in SASS, class naming follows BEM, and properties are ordered according to SMACSS.


via npm

npm install dress-code --save


Using precompiled CSS

If you just want to use Dress Code CSS in your project, use the files in the /dist/css/ folder.

<link href="node_modules/dress-code/dist/css/dress-code.min.css" rel="stylesheet">

Compiling the SASS by yourself

You can compile the dress code by your own using a sass compiler.

    @import "node_modules/dress-code/dist/sass/dress-code";
    @include dc-everything; // output dc-* selectors

If you're using Compass

Add this to yours config.rb file:

add_import_path "node_modules"
Then you can import the dress-code like so:
@import "dress-code/dist/sass/dress-code";