Despite widespread use, there are still many misconceptions and uncertainties for Zalando employees engaging in Open Source. Questions on legal issues, licensing and what is deemed confidential or internal information is common.

This website is therefore a guide, primarily for Zalando employees, on how to adopt, modify and release Open Source code. There are a few references to internal Zalando sites or services, but with an effort to limit our use of internal lingo or acronyms.


  • Adopting open source code

    Policies on what to be aware of when adopting open source code in a Zalando project. This applies to both adding dependencies and to contributing upstream.

  • Open Source License Guide

    Guidance on what liceses your dependencies can have for internal use and for use in our open source projects.

  • Releasing an open source project

    A step by step guide on what to do before you can release a project and guidelines on how to maintain a project

  • State of open source at Zalando

    The latest report on how open source is doing at Zalando with key numbers and insights, as well as a roadmap forward.