Anti-Harassment Policy Edit on github

When you as a Zalando employee engage in open source communities as part of your work, you will interact with the wider open source communities outside Zalando - this is generally a good experience and collaborating with many different types of people with diverse backgrounds is generally a positive input to your personal development.

However, it also means that there is a risk that you might encounter abusive or harassing behavior from people in the communities around these projects - it happens very rarely, but if you are ever exposed to such behavior, be aware that Zalando as your employer are here to assist you.

Zalando takes online harassment seriously and will take the required actions to protect its employees from harm when they engage in open source work on the company’s behalf.

Proactive measures

We require all new projects released by Zalando to adopt and enforce a code of conduct and it is the responsibility of all Zalandos to follow this conduct. We also recommend you investigate whether external projects you interact enforces a code of conduct - we recommend using the contributor covenant available in our repository boilerplate.

All Zalando open source maintainers are obligated to act on and report abusive behavior to the open source team.

In cases of harassment in our open source projects we collaborate with the GitHub community team to protect our maintainers and community members.

Support in case of harassment

If you are ever exposed to harassment or abusive behavior, be aware that Zalando can assist you with the following:

  1. The Equality Team can guide you on how to react to abusive behavior and help you determine if legal action is required. Talk to your lead if you need assistance, or reach out directly to the open source team, Details: Internal Link.
  2. The open source team will assist you in reporting the abuse to the responsible platform owner (such as Github)
  3. Zalando legal will provide legal guidance in case such is required
  4. If it is established there is a need to report the incident to law enforcement, P&O and Zalando legal will assist you in collecting evidence and file a report

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