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Skipper’s Kubernetes dataclient can be used, if you want to run Skipper as kubernetes-ingress-controller. It will get its route information from provisioned Ingress Objects.

Kubernetes Ingress Controller deployment

How to install Skipper ingress-controller for cluster operators.

Kubernetes Ingress Usage

Find out more how to use Skipper ingress features for deployers.

Why to choose Skipper?

Kubernetes is a fast changing environment and traditional http routers are not made for frequently changing routing tables. Skipper is a http proxy made to apply updates very often. Skipper is used in production with more than 200.000 routing table entries. Skipper has Filters to change http data and Predicates to change the matching rules, both can combined and chained. You can set these in ingress.yaml files to build resiliency patterns like load shedding, ratelimit or circuitbreaker. You can also use them to build more highlevel deployment patterns, for example feature toggles, shadow traffic or blue-green deployments.

Skipper’s main features: