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The Postgres Operator delivers an easy to run highly-available PostgreSQL clusters on Kubernetes (K8s) powered by Patroni. It is configured only through Postgres manifests (CRDs) to ease integration into automated CI/CD pipelines with no access to Kubernetes API directly, promoting infrastructure as code vs manual operations.

Operator features

PostgreSQL features

The Postgres Operator has been developed at Zalando and is being used in production for over three years.

Using Spilo 12 images or lower

If you are already using the Postgres operator in older version with a Spilo 12 Docker image you need to be aware of the changes for the backup path. We introduce the major version into the backup path to smoothen the major version upgrade that is now supported.

The new operator configuration can set a compatibility flag enable_spilo_wal_path_compat to make Spilo look for wal segments in the current path but also old format paths. This comes at potential performance costs and should be disabled after a few days.

The newest Spilo image is:

The last Spilo 12 image is:

Getting started

For a quick first impression follow the instructions of this tutorial.

Supported setups of Postgres and Applications



There is a browser-friendly version of this documentation at


There are two places to get in touch with the community:

  1. The GitHub issue tracker
  2. The #postgres-operator slack channel