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Zalando’s Open Source Platform Monitoring
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Checks and Alerts

Define checks executed on self defined entities. Define alerts with thresholds on checks and entities as it fits your team. Share checks across teams and reuse alerts with inheritance to customize alert levels.

Dashboards and Grafana

Define custom dashboards with widgets and alert filters based on teams and tags. Use Grafana to create chart heavy data dashboards using the stored data from KairosDB.

Python expressions

Check command and Alert condition are arbitrary Python expressions, giving you a lot of flexibility and power. Python integrates perfectly with low-level tasks and lots of systems you will have deployed in your platform.

Desktop/Push Notifications

Subscribe to notifications from alerts via push technologies. Deliver alerts to your desktop and phone even focus is on other topics. Slack, Hipchat, Twilio can also be triggered. Easy to extend ...

REST API monitoring

After gathering your application's API metrics ZMON's cloud UI helps you to visually understand what is happening in your service. Rendering the different API paths along with the relevant metrics.

Alerts per Entity Overview

The "classic" overview of alerts and their state accross entities. Search for the entities and show all alerts mapped to those entities with their current state.

Trial Run & Instant Evaluation

Use trial run in the UI to develop your checks/alerts with quick feedback. Trigger instant evaluation from UI for checks on longer intervals to rerun commands. .